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Explore Australia and New Zealand with Educational Travel Collaborative, L.L.C.

Australia and New Zealand are some of the classic travel destinations for young people, and for good reason!  The combination of accessibility and unrivaled natural beauty, along with a culture and world view unlike any other, make these destinations stand out - whether you're just beginning your travel career or fulfilling a long deferred dream!

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Noarlunga South Australia
Australian Ostrich
Newcastle Australia
Australian Flag
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Explore this great continent, nation, and regional power broker in a way that lets you genuinely engage!

Australia is a young and dynamic nation with something for everyone - bohemian urban enclaves, a stunning coastline, and endless unspoiled wilderness.  The magic of this place, though, is in its people and their lifestyle and worldview - unlike anything to be found elsewhere on our planet.  Whether you want to explore its cities, the outback, or both - many of us have called Australia home and would be thrilled to help share it with you.

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New Zealand

World famous landscapes, progressive leadership, and a welcoming society at the end of the world.

With a relatively small landmass and population, New Zealand punches far above its weight on the world stage both culturally and politically.  The country has always been a global leader in progressive politics, from being the first country to grant women the right to vote to taking leadership roles on climate change and post-colonial reconciliation with indigenous groups.  New Zealand offers an opportunity to learn and engage with a different way forward for societies and nation states, as well as a unique music, agricultural, and cultural scene and stunning natural adventures.

Planning Notes

Let Us Take You There

With any area of the world, there are particular planning notes that you should be aware of - the Australia and New Zealand are no exception.  Here are a few tips to help set your expectations for your adventure down under!

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Duration and Setting Priorities

No matter how long you spend in Australia and New Zealand, the chances of seeing and doing every last thing available in these beautiful countries is slim to none.  We will work with you to get a sense of your goals and passions and help to set an itinerary that balances your time frame, budget, and priorities.  Keep in mind that Australia and New Zealand are both far from the rest of the world, and take time to navigate internally - especially if you are planning on engaging in significant outdoor activities.  Give yourself time to explore and engage, as opposed to trying to see every last site, and your enjoyment and growth from your travels will only increase.

Navigating Rugged Terrain

Both Australia and New Zealand offer the challenge of navigating a rugged landscape - arid or tropical, extreme cold or extreme heat, your destination and the time of your visit will dictate what challenges you will face getting around these two beautiful countries, but there will be challenges.  We've traveled by train, jet, bush plane, bus, and even 4x4 with weeks of our own water supply in these environments - we look forward to helping you to choose the transportation method, and kit, that makes sense based on your itinerary and your goals.

Visa Choices and Gap Year Travel

Australia and New Zealand offer unique options for working holidays and other extended gap year options for young people - we are experts in them.  Working while you travel is a great way not only to extend your exploration and finance your trip but also to connect to the local community and an international community of young travelers who are a part of the same program.  We can help you strike the balance between your personal, professional, financial, and experiential goals in creating a work and travel scenario that meets your needs - now, and in terms of your future marketability.

Estimated Costs and Pricing

Every itinerary is different, tailored to what you want to do and see, and your speed and style of travel.  That said, these ballpark figures provide a solid estimate of what all-in costs would look like, including our fees, international airfare, and day-to-day meals and expenses.  Estimates are for one traveler, see our design and pricing page for more information on small groups, and pricing differences for gap year travelers versus shorter-term travel.

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Slow Overland Travel in One Region

21-day Excursion from: US$ 6180
1 Month of a Gap Year from: US$ 5390

Faster Travel Making Frequent Use of Flights

21-day Excursion from: US$ 7780
1 Month of a Gap Year: US$ 6380

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