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Independent Travel/Gap Year Travel Deposit and Consultation

Independent Travel/Gap Year Travel Deposit and Consultation

Planning a summer in Sardinia?  Winter break in Central America?  Whether it's a year working and traveling in Australia or a semester working your way from Cairo to Cape Town - our team is excited to work with you to create your itinerary and prepare you for your travels.  You've probably read about our independent travel services, as well as the design process that goes into every one of our itineraries.  Your deposit will pay for our initial consultuation, and if you choose to move forward with working with us, we'll apply it to the cost of your travels.  We look forward to meeting you!


    This initial deposit pays for our first consultation session.  If you move forward in working with us, we'll apply what you've paid towards the cost of your trip!  If you decide to go another direction, no worries - the deposit will cover the costs we incur in the initial planning phases.  For this reason, this initial deposit is nonrefundable.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via email or book a free conversation!


    We'll reach out within 24 hours to get a bit more information about the travels you are planning - and we'll get started with the preliminary research.  We'll also schedule time for our first consultation, where we'll be able to get a better sense of your goals, and share possibilities!  Your next adventure is waiting!

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