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Building Collaborative, Mobile Learning Communities

Curating the Communities who Undertake our Guided Travel Opportunities!

Unlike our competitors, we don't focus on selling tours - we build transformative educational opportunities around the interests and passions of our travelers.  As such, our reservation process is a little bit different from the instantaneous checkout that many mass tourism operators offer.  Our focus is on making sure the young people joining us on our excursions and intensives understand what they are getting into, ensuring that we understand their interests and passions to allow us to appropriately staff these trips, and taking the time to understand the learning community we are building as we create these experiences.

The purpose of our admissions process isn't to create any additional stress for our travelers or their families - rather, it's to prevent it.  We are big believers in communicating early and often.  When you submit your deposit, we'll schedule a time to chat with you (and, if you're under 18, your family) to talk about the trip, walk you through our requirements, and answer any questions you might have.  For the full details, see our terms and conditions!


Secure a Place!

The first step in joining our guided travel experiences is reserving your place, which involves submitting an initial deposit, which is fully refundable for non-admitted students and refundable less a processing fee until the admissions process is completed.  Once your deposit has been processed we will reach out for more information to better understand you as a learner and a traveler, which will help us to prepare for your admissions conversation.  Keep in mind that guided travel costs increase for those making deposits on or after December 1, and once again on or after Feb 1.

Admissions Conversation

We'll schedule 30 to 45 minutes to touch base around who you are as a traveler and a learner, as well as what you look forward to, as well as anticipate being challenging, about undertaking this itinerary.  Our goal here is to make sure that you all parties feel comfortable with our itinerary, and that we have an understanding that you as a young person will be able to successfully complete the activities scheduled.  For those who will be under 18 at the time of travel, this conversation must involve parent(s) or guardian(s), for those 18 and above this is optional.


We Work Behind the Scenes!

Once you are admitted to our cohort, the bulk of the work our team undertakes relates to tweaking and tailoring our cohort and itinerary activities to align with your personal and professional goals, making decisions about which trip facilitators are the best fit for our cohort, and making handling the logistics of our once in a lifetime adventures.  During this time we encourage you to ensure that travel documents are up to date.  Note that for those opting to pay by installment, these are due on the first of December, February, and April.

Pre-Departure Communication

Starting in early April, we will share more finalized travel information, as well as setting up a series of live information sessions covering packing, travel medicine guidance, communications pre-planning, and more.  Of course, we're available to answer any questions that may arise at any point in the timeline.

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